The Death Penalty Is One Of The Most Controversial Issue

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The death penalty is one of the most controversial issues. It is an important issue because each side is very significant and they each have strong views. The five main points that will be discussed in this paper are; deterrence, loss of innocent lives, bias, retribution, and quality of the attorney. Both sides will be discussed; reasons to support the death penalty, and reasons not to support the death penalty. For the first point; deterrence, supporters of the penalty say that the death penalty does deter crime, while the other side says it does not. For the point about loss of innocent lives, supporters argue that everything has mistakes, while the other side says that an innocent life cannot be taken away because of the death penalty. For the third point; bias, supporters argue that there is no bias in the death penalty, while people against the death penalty argue there is bias. For the fourth point; retribution or revenge, supporters argue that you have to execute a murderer to make the families feel better, while the other side says that the death penalty continues a killing cycle. Finally, for the fifth point, supporters argue that attorneys do not make a huge difference, while proponents argue that the quality of an attorney does make a difference. These are some of the most important five points that arise in the death penalty conversation. The first problem that arises with the death penalty is the matter of deterrence. People against the death penalty argue that
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