The Death Penalty Is Righteous Essay

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The Death Penalty Is Righteous

Do you believe that people should get the death penalty? People should get the death penalty because Americans are just wasting our money on criminals who aren't learning their lesson. People should get the death penalty because they have far too many privileges in prison that people actually want to go there. People should get the death penalty because if there is a bigger consequence for their actions there wouldn't be as many people in jail. It would be advantageous for the American civilization to adopt the death penalty as a common penalty.

For example, incarceration isn't a tool that is working to fight crime. As a matter of fact professionals will tell you that incarceration does very
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population. Nationally, every 7 minutes another person enters prison, and every 14 minutes someone returns to the streets. The increase in prison population did not reduce crime(National Criminal Justice Commission 33). In most prisons felons have access to a startling array of creature comforts(Bidinotto 77). If our prisons are such resorts, simply open the gates and see how many run out, and how many walk in(Taylor 85). In conclusion, people should get the death penalty because our prisons aren't punishing them.

Finally, American criminals should get the death penalty in order to stop the wasting of tax payers' money. The real-world fact is that many treatment programs a re simply not effective(Walters 36). Professionals will tell you prisons don't stop crime, yet we go on spending billions of dollars in order to lock up more and more people. Tax payers continue to pour money into prison construction and operations in a way that competes with funding for education and other quality-of-life programs. Hundreds of billions of dollars have poured from taxpayers' checking accounts into penal institutions and the businesses that serve them(National Criminal Justice Commission 37). The number of Americans in prison has Quadrupled in the past twenty years(Campaign for an Effective Crime Policy 46). Even with all of this spending- tripling prison populations- the level of crime has essentially remained unchanged over the past 20
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