Death Penalty Australia Essay

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Introduction. The death penalty has always been a topic of controversy since it was first introduced. The death penalty has been abolished in a majority of countries across the world, but still remains active in one third of the world. The death penalty has a lot of ethical and moral matters tied to it. In a world of individuality there is a divide on the people, for the death sentence and those against it. Many view it as a barbaric and cruel punishment that violates the constitutional right of a human being. Whilst other view it as a just punishment for serious crimes. This paper will look at the history of the death penalty in Australia in body one. Then in body two, lead on to a recent case known as the ‘Bali nine’ which was…show more content…
This would be for crimes ranging from murder to forgery to something as little as theft. The last person executed in Australia was Ronald Ryan, who was hanged in Melbourne Pentridge Prison in 1967, having been convicted of killing a prison officer during an escape (Maguire & Houghton, 2016) . In the subsequent years after, the death penalty was removed from all statute books in all Australian jurisdictions.
In 1973 the Australian parliament passed legislation prohibiting capital punishment in the Death Penalty Abolition Act 1973 (cth)s 4. Before this, Queensland was the first state to abolish the death penalty in 1922. Tasmania was then the second state to follow in 1968. Tasmania so passed the criminal code act 1968, similar to that of Queensland’s chosen legislation. The act provides that, by section 2 that ‘after the commencement of this act, the sentence of punishment by death shall no longer be inflicted’ In respect to crimes committed against the laws of the state since the implementation of this act, criminal rates did not rise and the punishment of life imprisonment has served as an adequate punishment with positive deterrence rates. (Lennan & Williams, 2012).

The Bali Nine.
In April 2015, the execution of two Australian citizens, Andrew Chan and Myuan Sukumeran brought the death penalty to the forefront of public consciousness. This case was known globally as the Bali nine. The Bali nine were a
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