The Death Penalty Is The Punishment For A Wide Range Of Crimes

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Throughout history Capital Punishment or “the Death Penalty” was the punishment for a wide range of crimes. Capital Punishment was used by almost all societies to both punish crime and suppress political dissent. For example, execution was widely employed as a means of oppressing political dissent by fascist or communist governments. Also during the Eighteenth century, Britain executed a person for 222 different crimes including stealing an animal or cutting down a tree. (Jasper, 2008) Many religions have also accepted the use of Capital Punishment as a correct form of punishment. For example, according to the Old Testament, execution was the punishment for blasphemy, adultery, kidnapping, and violating the Sabbath. (Jasper 2008) The Death Penalty has also been utilized as a form of punishment in our own country since colonial times. According to the Espy File, a database of executions in the United States and the earlier colonies from 1608 through 2002, there were 15,269 executions. (Jasper, 2008) The historical leaders in executions during that time period were Virginia (1375), Texas (1152), New York (1130), Pennsylvania (1043), and Georgia (990). (Jasper 2008) Some methods used to carry out this type of punishment were hanging, firing squad, electrocution, lethal gas and lethal injection. (Jasper, 2003)
The greatest number of executions in the United States took place during the nineteenth and early twentieth…
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