The Death Penalty Is The Punishment Of Execution Essay

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The death penalty is the punishment of execution. Another term used is capital punishment, which is legally authorized killing of someone as a punishment of a capital crime. The race of executed prisoners and the current prisoners on death row has been inconsistent over the years since 1976 when the death penalty was reinstated in The United States of America (Facts, 2016). There are thirty-one states that allow capital punishment and the other nineteen states do not allow it. Since 1976 there has been 1,437 executions as of August 30, 2016. The year 1999 has had the most executions with a body count of ninety-eight. “The first American executed for murder was a pilgrim named John Billington who sailed to America on the Mayflower, settled in Virginia, and was hanged in 1630.” The first woman to be executed was Jane Champion in 1632; She was hanged (Coyne & Entzeroth, 2001, p. 5).
A defendant 's life can be spared or condemned by a jury or a judge who is for the death penalty, against the death penalty, and/ or any knowledge of the families involved and the attorneys (Coyne & Entzeroth, 2001, p. 7). The death penalty is a worldwide controversial issue in today’s society, and is the highest form of punishment for a person. Race and other forms of discrimination play a huge role in deciding who is “chosen” to be executed.
Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. The race of
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