The Death Penalty Is The Sentence Of Execution

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Danny Pham
Period 4
Roper v. Simmons The death penalty is the sentence of execution for capital crimes, especially murder. The death penalty is prescribed by Congress or state legislatures to those who commit capital crimes. One responsibility that the justice system must uphold is to administer a punishment that is equivalent to the crime. If the death penalty, that is imposed on Christopher Simmons, is not approved and administered, a safety-net will be created for juvenile offenders that plan to commit crimes. The death penalty is completely constitutional due to the following reasons: the new methods of the execution allows the death penalty to not violate the 8th amendment of the Constitution, age does not define the maturity of an individual, therefore the age limit must be overlooked, and the death penalty will become a deterrent for foreseeable murders. Seven months prior to his eighteenth birthday, the respondent, Christopher Simmons, planned to break into the house of Shirley Crooks. Simmons accurately planned the murder and he knew what he wanted to do and he did it. While planning the crime with his older colleague, he specifically mentioned “we would get away with it.” On the day of the crime, Simmons entered Mrs. Crooks’ home and the noises caused Mrs. Crooks to awake. When Simmons glanced at Mrs. Crooks, he recognized her from a prior car accident. With the fear of getting into trouble and facing criminal charges, Simmons and his colleague decided…
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