The Death Penalty Is Wrong !

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The Death Penalty is wrong!! Imagine Sierrah coming to court and hearing the judge say she is sentence to die. Imagine waking up every day in a cell waiting to die. There are no contact visits and she is in a cell 23 hours of the day by herself. She wait on death row for two decades until finally her day of execution comes. The guard comes up to cell twenty eight and says it’s time to go and takes her to the death house. She gets the last meal and says final goodbyes before being strapped to a gurney and asked to say her very last words. Family slowly watches her die and soon they take the body to prison cemetery. So, is the death penalty right for America? There have been people that were convicted of a crime they did not do. Innocent…show more content…
Inmates are executed by lethal injection which is a combination of drugs. Sodium thiopental was chosen to render the person deeply unconscious. Pancuronium bromide, which causes the person to lose the ability to breathe. The potassium chloride is extremely deadly because it stops the heart. “Capital punishment is still legal in 31 US states but as the drugs needed for execution get harder to come by, states are getting creative” ("How America Executes Its Prisoners" 1). “Seventeen have executed 260 inmates three states Texas, Florida and Georgia account for more than half of those”. ("How America Executes Its Prisoners." 1). The US began to turn to a one- drug method and this has caused a major lawsuit. In 2014, Tennessee said that “when the drugs for can’t be found then the state can use the electric chair. Utah has went back to using the firing squad and Arkansas plans to kill 8 men before they run out of drugs ("How America Executes Its Prisoners." 2). There has been a halt on executions but many states are appealing to reinstate the death penalty. Texas has done the most executions than any other state. The death penalty is an enormous problem in America because innocent people are being put to death. When the courts find out that a person is innocent it’s too late because he’s already dead. The death penalty also cost tax payers a lot of money and are paying for the prisoner to be housed, fed, and security. Tax payers often pay for the drugs to

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