The Death Penalty Laws Within America Essay

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Since the beginning of time, laws and ordinances have been put in place to prevent chaos and delinquent behavior. Punishments have been put in place as a deterrent so that individuals may witness what partaking in a wrongful event is its consequent result. One of the most apparent examples is that of the death penalty. Like everything in life, the death penalty has gone through many major changes. Some of these changes include methods of execution, changes between the handling of adults and juvenile cases, and even the approval and disapproval of death penalty laws within states. The first set of recognized death penalty laws can be traced back to the 18th century B.C and found in the Code of King Hammurabi in Babylon, in which the death penalty was established for over twenty different offenses. In the 17th century B.C., the Draconian Code established the death penalty for all criminal offenses. In Roman law, the death penalty was seen in it Twelve Tablets around the fifth century B.C. Each country had its different views of what crime was to receive the death penalty as well in the type of punishment one got. Some of the common forms of punishments one got for the death penalty was crucifixion, stoning, hanging, and quartering. Over the decades, the use of the death penalty brought its way into the United States. The Constitution has ruled the death penalty itself as being unconstitutional, but it allowed states to make their own laws regarding it. As the United States

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