The Death Penalty : Lethal Injection, Lethal Gas, Firing Squad, And Hanging Essay

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The death penalty has been a massively, controversial issue in various countries and states. The death penalty is a government-sanctioned practice whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. Over every part of the world has used the death penalty or you’ll say capital punishment, but the majority of the countries abolished in taking part of the practice. As in America, 32 of the 50 states currently have the death penalty. There are five different methods of execution: lethal injection, electrocution, lethal gas, firing squad, and hanging. Moreover, all jurisdictions that are for execution are by lethal injection. The death penalty laws were first established in the Eighteenth Century B.C. Being sentenced to death was a common punishment for when someone committed a crime back in Britain. Hanging was Britain’s usual method of execution in the Tenth Century A.D. Then William the Conqueror came around and wanted to change all of that. He felt that no person should be hanged or executed for any crime except only at times of war. But this movement didn’t last for long. In the Sixteenth Century, when it was under Henry VIII’s reign, the execution had become increasingly serious. There were an abundant amount of people that were executed for crimes and other capital offenses such as marrying a Jew, not confessing to a crime, and treason. Resulting in these crimes, the punishment wasn’t all that easy. Some of the methods they use to execute were
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