The Death Penalty: Multiple Methods of Execution

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The death penalty is one of the nation’s most hotly debated topic. Most Americans are either heavily in favor of execution or heavily opposed to it. In America, there are multiple methods of execution, lethal injection, firing squad, hanging, electrocution, and the gas chamber. Imagine, being strapped to a chair in various areas; usually the chest, groin, arms, and legs. A metal skullcap attached to your head, and then you’re blind folded. What might be going through your head? Were you wrongly convicted, or did you deserve death? There are two sides to every issue. While some say the death penalty is a flawed punishment method because it is irreversible, and innocent people have undoubtedly been put to death, others say the death penalty…show more content…
Justice Douglas believes that the death penalty is unconstitutional, even though he or she may be killed by the impulse of one man or more, the convicted shouldn’t be killed themselves because that belief is not compatible with the idea of equal protection. Whereas supporters say that if you kill someone, you should be killed as well because no one should be let off easy and get to live their life; even if they spend the rest of their lives in prison. Larry Elder supporter of the death penalty says, “It makes a profound statement that you have committed the ultimate sin against society, and society is making a moral statement about your conduct: You have to sacrifice your life." (Ballard). Larry states that if you kill someone, you are committing a sin; therefore you have to pay for your sin and sacrifice your own life, for the one you, yourself sacrificed for your own selfish reasons. Supporters of the Death Penalty Supporters of the death penalty believe that a person that chooses to take the life of a fellow human being forfeits his or her right to live. A person has the right mind to make his or her decision of whether or not to kill someone, once you make that choice you have to commit to the consequences that come with that decision. John O'Sullivan states “The death penalty is sometimes the only punishment that seems equal to the

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