The Death Penalty Of The United States Essay

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Upon completing a forum post in a Sociology class this semester I was given the task to watch a documentary discussion the death penalty in the United States. After watching several short films that include testimonies of the death row exonerate 's, I learned of just how easily these innocent people were almost murdered by a system that you and I are funding. The victims go on not only to tell of their own suffering but also the horror that their families endured. Many of them had several execution dates and were only granted their freedom by a stroke of luck and good-hearted determined people. Imagine that you have been stripped of your freedom, given poor legal representation, and now you’re being subjected to band of jurors play Russian Roulette with your life. This is how Timothy Thibodaux[H1] describes his experience with life on death row. Due to the inconsistencies of our federal justice system, one could say that it is better to let one hundred go free than to kill one innocent man. It is my opinion that the death penalty is not only costing our nation unnecessary tax dollars but also our credibility for being a nation with a respectable justice system. The death penalty was first under the rule of King Hammurabi, it was during this time that the death penalty was seen a means to measure the serving of justice and to demonstrate rule. King Hammurabi saw the death penalty as a scare tactic and a way to leave a lasting impression on those who might consider even

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