The Death Penalty Essay

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The Death Penalty

The Death penalty has been a controversial subject since the beginning of time. People are concerned about the morality of the death penalty thus making it a debatable subject. Because of this, James Freeman, columnist for USA Today, decided to write an editorial on the subject of “Does America need the death penalty?” While being a writer for USA Today, one would think that he would effectively use the appeals of rhetoric (ethos, pathos, and logos), but in fact he does not and concludes with a poorly writing argument. One problem James Freeman’s editorial faces is through the use of its ethos. Basically, the only credibility he shows is the fact that he writes for the USA Today. He uses statements such
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This man was a convict and was released only to do damage to the world once more. Maybe James Freeman should have written his column about why America needs the death penalty. With the pathos part of the argument the writer should emotionally connect with the reader to make his point more lucid. Instead, the columnist connects emotionally to make his argument seem unreasonable and foolish. James Freeman’s purpose for writing this column is unclear because of his failure to use logos. He fails to logically appeal to the reader. Freeman tries to make the reader think that eliminating the death penalty is logical when he added the story of the little boy who was dragged to his death by a released convict. This is strikingly similar to the pathos aspect of the paper. It doesn’t seem too logical to let someone out of prison so that he can go murder little kids. In Freeman’s plan, he wants to put the guy back in jail so that he can get out again in about fifteen years and do the same thing to someone else. Another point the writer fails to mention is some disadvantages to eliminating the death penalty. He fails to add balance and reasoning to his column. Thus, eradicating a major key to and excellent logical appeal. Another instance where Mr. Freeman fails to logically appeal to his audience is when he mentions how if

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