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Today, many criminals are getting away with very little or no punishment for the crimes they are committing. One of these thugs could be walking down the street in your neighborhood hunting for their next victim. These criminals have no remorse concerning what they have done; they are just looking for an opportunity to strike again.

However, if someone asked what your thought is on the death penalty, most would probably say that they are against it that is until a family member or someone you love is walking down the street and that man who was looking for their next victim found them. It was a family member and you will never see them again.

Capital punishment has been a topic of debate for a very long time and it still has
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Then a second penalty phase takes place and the prosecution will state the aggravating factors and the defense can show mitigating factors ("Pros and cons of controversial issues," 2009). The jury must unanimously agree to the death penalty and if one objects then the death penalty cannot be given ("Pros and cons of controversial issues," 2009). If the death penalty is handed down, then the defendant has an automatic right to appeal at both the State and Federal levels. This process can take up to 25 years to exhaust.

There are pros and cons to consider in the debate on whether or not to abolish the death penalty:

Death Penalty Fails to Re-establish:
What does it really accomplish? The damage has been done; the victim is already dead and cannot be brought back. Do you feel that making them spend the rest of their life in prison in a small cement cell with little freedom, a poor quality of life, thinking on how they ended up there in the first place is a far better punishment than death row?

The Financial Cost: The financial cost of keeping these criminals on death row is not free nor is it cheap; and we as taxpayers pay for it. The cost for a death row inmate one must consider all the additional cost it entails such as appeals, additional procedures. In March 6, 2005, the Los Angeles Times stated that California death penalty system cost taxpayers $114 million per year beyond the costs of keeping convicts locked up for

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