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Introduction For as long as one can remember capital punishment has been a cruel method of punishing the convicted. However, many believe that the punishment should be corresponding to the crime. We have heard of the saying, “An Eye for an Eye a Tooth for Tooth,” (Deut. 19:21 1984). This controversial method which has been abolished by various countries and states has persuaded numerous people to believe life without parole is more appropriate than the death penalty. The specific aim of this research is to understand and examine whether sociodemographic characteristics are related to attitudes about the death penalty. Executions of the falsely accused, the emotional impact of the victims’ family statement, crimes that are punishable by…show more content…
The knowledge that we plan to obtain is predicated on the research acquired. The use of close ended questionnaires, which will measure the response of attitudes concerning the three specific statements regarding death penalty. Who should receive the Death Penalty This fierce debate links us back to whether or not the death penalty should be used only for criminals convicted of murder? According to a recent Gallup survey conducted in (Newport,2009), when 65% of Americans continue to support the use of the death penalty for persons convicted of murder, while 31% opposed it. Nevertheless, despite a worldwide decline in the use of the death penalty, and the fact that it is outlawed in the majority of countries across the world, about two-thirds of Americans continue to support its use. (Newport, 2009). This misinterpretation of data conducted in 2009, allows many to believe that there has been no progress in regards to the attitudes society has towards the death penalty. According to Huddar (2011), support for the death penalty in the U.S. is dropping over the years while some people are still for it, an increasing number are strongly against it, now it is used very rarely, only in cases of aggravated murder, rape, or felony. Huddar (2011), also states that the convicted person has to spend the rest of his life in jail, and depending on the rules of the country or

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