The Death Penalty Essay

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The Death Penalty

When the term capital punishment comes up, consideration must be given to the history of mankind in relation to such form of retribution. From the beginning of recorded history, the death penalty has existed and for many crimes other then first degree murder. Before anyone takes a FOR or AGAINST position on capital punishment, perhaps we should take a look at the actual facts and statistics on this controversial topic. Then, with all this in mind, take a dialectical approach, with the idea of death itself and see if we can come up with a clearer understanding of the reason for such actions to be accepted in our society. However, if a stand needed to be taken to keep the death penalty or abolish it, one must
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Dr. Gold, one of the many scientists who have proved an existence of an after life along with over 3 million cases of near death experiences states that "since matter can neither be created or destroyed, it is reasonable that when we die, an energy in some form survives and moves onto another dimension..." (Martin 106). Furthermore, the real moral cause should be to determine what it is that makes a man commit murder or seek death as a justification of such crime. The ultimate punishment for the ultimate crime. Let us take a look at the death penalty from another standpoint, from a point that few people have dared to try to comprehend after we look at the facts and statistics regarding this issue and try to take a dialectical approach to ascertain that the death penalty is by all means a physical man's issue and a perfect example when two wrongs don't make a right. To date 38 states have the death penalty and according to NAACP LDF, there are 3,365 people on death row. The methods of execution are mainly by lethal injection, however, some states still use electrocution. In Louisiana, lethal injection is used but in some states more then one method can be applicable. "Federal prisoner is lethal injection, pursuant to 28 CRR, Part 26. For offenses under the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, the method is that of the State in which the conviction took place, pursuant to 18 USC

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