The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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No Death Penalty Capital crime is something that is meant for people that are found guilty of committing a serious crime, such as murder, rape, or theft. These are offences that should not be taken lightly but by killing the offender, the government is carrying about the action that they are trying to prevent. Also, the wrong person may be sentenced to death. After this person is executed, there is obviously nothing that can be done for the terrible mistake to be reversed. The death penalty should be abolished because it is more expensive than life imprisonment, numerous innocent people are condemned to death row, and it is cruel and inhumane. I don’t support the death penalty because it shows just how savage humans can be with each other. However, many Americans support the death penalty for a number of reasons. After someone’s loved one is murdered, the family immediately has thoughts about killing the offender. They feel like it’s the right thing to do after their loved one has been taken away from them and that the person that committed the crime should suffer as their loved one had to. They feel like justice has been served and that they can continue on with their daily lives. What they all fail to realize is that by killing the offender, their loved one is not going to come and knock on their doors and everything return to normal. The death penalty is very costly to not only the government, but also society. The death penalty has no benefits at all and should be
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