The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Essay

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Since 1976, there have been 1,442 executions in the United States (Facts about the Death Penalty, 2016). About 156 people have been exonerated from death row as of December 9th, 2016 per the data information from the Death Penalty Information Center (Facts…, 2016). The charts and data per the DPIC, shows that there are more people, who were executed, in the south and as noted, “TX & OK”, than there were in the Northeast, West, and other remaining Midwest region (Facts…, 2016). It seems that with the long process it takes for one death penalty litigant to be executed, can be very costly per the data information via DPIC (Facts…, 2016). The purpose of this reading material is to provide the readers both sides of the argument about the death penalty, starting with pro-death penalty arguments and the con-death penalty arguments. Then, following the information will be a thoughtful discussion from the writer’s ethical view, as to why the death penalty should be abolished. Death penalty supporters believe it will deter violence and supports due to of the information from the following areas: capital punishments for capital crimes, safety concerns, and retribution; on the contrary, the opposing side argues regarding: wrongful convictions, high costs, and high crime rates still present in the death penalty-approved states. Therefore, the death penalty is unethical, as it not only takes away a life at a costly price of the taxpayer’s money; but it also does not seem to deter
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