The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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The death penalty has been a debated topic since it began in 1700. The act of deliberately causing the death of another human being has been changed and modified overtime due to different attacks on the credibility of this type of punishment, specifically by Cesare Beccaria, an Italian jurist who is considered the founder of the modern abolishment movement in 1764. According to, Beccarria—a prominent European called for an end to the death penalty, and it remained the most influential attack on the death penalty. Due to the multiple moratoriums throughout the states in lieu of the death penalty have replaced it with life imprisonment—which is more civil and logical. The disproportionate amount of racial bias, inadequate…show more content…
In addition to that in the past, 23 death penalty cases were overturned due to prosecutors illegally striking black jurors from juries, and nationally 98% of prosecutors are white (Love 2012). The statics allows everyone to see that there can be an injustice in gaining justice. The right to access to an attorney and rightfully the allowance of the defendant to retain and secure a suitable defense team is a vital hallmark of the American Justice System per the Death Penalty Center’s Death Penalty Representation. Most of the time the convicted cannot afford the proper defense team to represent their case which carries a sentence of death. It is essential that an offender have an experienced attorney who will fulfil his/her obligations of the client and the court—with that decreasing the number of innocent who are eventually convicted and sentenced to death. The number of the wrongfully convicted was more than one hundred and fifty from 1973-2011, slightly increasing from 2000-2011—averaging three to five exonerations a year per According to an article on, Study: Black People More Likely To Be Wrongfully Convicted written by Tanzina Vega says that a black defendant would be 22% more likely to have police misconduct that those of white defendants as well.
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