The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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Humans have the right to live. Humans can’t live and survive alone, that is why we live in a society. In a society, exists people with power. The people with power, are the ones who make the decisions. They are also the ones who make our laws and rules. Everybody has to follow the laws and rules, or they will get punished. Laws and punishment change though, which is a good thing. For example, a lot of countries have abolished the death penalty. There are countries today that still use the death penalty, but the crime has to be bigger and more serious than before they punish them. If we go a hundred years back, all countries had the death penalty, and if we go even further, some people were executed for stealing. How do people get…show more content…
A lot of people ask the question, “Is it really right to kill people because of a crime?” The writer and philosophy Cesare Beccaria gives us an answer in his book, “On Crimes and Punishments”. He said: “Death penalty is not a right… It is on the other hand a war the state or government is leading against it’s citizens, because it finds his destruction necessary.” (Cesare Beccaria 1738-94) When we look at death penalty in America, it actually looks really good. According to an article by Lipka, Michael, more than half of America’s population, exactly 55%, favor death penalty. Recently Governor Jay Inslee announced that the State of Washington will not use death penalty while he is in office. In two thousand and eleven, Governor John Kitzhaber of Oregon made the same move. The number of American’s who favor death penalty has declined a lot over the last two decades. In nineteen ninety-six about three-fourths, exactly 78%, of U.S citizens favored capital punishment. The big questions is then, to give people the opportunity to specify whether they “strongly favor” or “strongly oppose” the death penalty. In two thousand and thirteen only 18% of America’s population said they “strongly favor” death penalty. That is a very steep drop from 28% who said this in two thousand and eleven. America is now left with thirty-two states where death penalty in legal. (Lipka, Michael)
Texas is a really big state, and one of the
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