The Death Penalty Should Be Applied

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I strongly believe in the death penalty because murderers have no place of sympathy in my conscience as taking an innocent person’s life with premeditated thought is just blatantly cruel. Ideally for me, the death penalty should be applied to the irrevocably and rightfully accused for the most heinous crimes. The death penalty promotes moral justice, a certain degree of safety, and rightly placed compassion in society.
First, for every crime, the respective punishment should be applied. This raises the sense of equality that America strives for. If one murders, especially in the most horrendous way, the guilty should not have the right to their life anymore. It 's as simple as taking full responsibilities for one 's actions. For example in car accidents, the insurance pays for the amount of damage the one at fault inflicted at the one who had the right of way. It would be cheating the right person by only paying half of the damage done. The same kind of equal punishment should be applied with murder, however the word "accident" in car accidents shows the difference that no one wanted a crash to happen unless you 're a sick psychopath or a drunkard, whereas in murder, the guilty actively made a choice to end an innocent life for selfishness. I have no remorse for those who are so full of hatred of themselves and the world that they can 't contain it and take it out on others ' lives. The rightfully accused should repay with their own life as the priority of justice is…
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