The Death Penalty Should Be Endorsed: An Opinion Essay

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The Death Penalty: The debate regarding the death penalty is an issue that has continued to attract huge controversies in the past few years. Consequently, public opinion about the death penalty has relatively changed in the recent years though this concept has less support unlike mid-1990s. The main reason for the minimal support of the death penalty originates from the fact that its proponents cite similar reasons to those provided by its supporters two decades ago. The major factors that have been provided in support of the death penalty are concerns about the costs of maintaining murderers in prison for life and deterring murderers from involving in more criminal activities. Nonetheless, the opponents of the death penalty argue that it should not be endorsed simply because of the killing of innocent people. However, the death penalty should be endorsed because of its benefits and the ineffectiveness of punishment in discouraging potential offenders from criminal actions. The death penalty should be used since it's the strongest kind of punishment in deterring murder and lessening other crimes. The death penalty could help in deterring murder because potential killers will reconsider their decisions before committing murder if convicted murderers are sentenced to death and executed ("The Death Penalty", n.d.). Throughout the years, criminologists have evaluated murder rates to determine whether they fluctuated with the possibility of convicted murderers being

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