The Death Penalty Should Be Enforced

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Capital Punishment, also known as The Death Penalty, is the legal authorized killing of someone as a punishment for a crime. It is currently used in twenty-five different countries. The three countries with the highest amount of confirmed executions performed last year are China; with over one thousand recorded executions, Iran; with over nine hundred recorded executions, and lastly Pakistan; with over three hundred recorded executions. The first recorded execution in America was in the Jamestown colony of Virginia in the year 1608. Since 1608, there have been over fourteen-thousand recorded executions in America. The Death Penalty should be enforced to more inmates because it would reduce the number of inmates in prison with life-time sentences, save money, and bring Justice to the families who have been affected. The Death Penalty’s history dates all the way back to Eighteenth Century B.C. in the Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon. This document codified the death penalty, along with all of the other laws of the land and their punishments, making it available for all citizens to comprehend and understand. The executions were carried out by means of crucifixion, drowning, beating to death, burning alive, and impalement. Hanging became the normal way of execution in the Tenth Century A.D. in Britain. William the Conqueror would not let hanging be a way of execution only in times of war. Under the reign of Henry VIII in the Sixteenth Century, it is said that an estimate of

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