The Death Penalty Should Be Legal

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The death penalty can be traced all the way to biblical times when people were executed for many reasons such as: for not believing in their god(s), choosing to interact in sexual conduct while unmarried, stealing, murder, etc. The methods of execution back in those times were to either: stone, hang, slay, crucify, and burn not only the offender who committed the crime, but if he or she had a family, the entire family was executed with them as a warning to the people of their tribe or city to not commit the same crime. In today’s time, since most people have found the term “death penalty” offensive, we have moved to calling it “capital punishment”. This punishment today is primarily used for offenders who have committed a first degree murder. Other reasons for this sentence vary from state to state. In Florida, the death penalty may be used for an offender(s) who has committed aggravated sexual battery against a child under the age of twelve with an injury. Times have definitely changed for reasons to execute the death penalty against criminal(s) and many people believe that it is morally wrong and that we should just abandon it altogether. However there are some that still believe that we need to keep capital punishment as a means to execute justice upon the guilty and as a warning to other offenders to not commit the same crimes. Should we continue to allow capital punishment in America? How do we know that the offender is guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”? What methods

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