The Death Penalty Should Be Legalized

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One of the most controversial issues all over the is whether the death penalty should be legalized or destroyed. Several debates on whether the death penalty should be permanently legalized differ state to state. A countless amount of people consider capital punishment an important topic and are either intense supporters or the opposite. The death penalty has been an absolute part of human society for ages, considered as a required deterrent to threatening crimes and a system to eliminate the community from vicious felons. However, soon later the death penalty came to be noticed upon as an violation against humanistic ideals by a variety of people and the legality of the death penalty has been challenged. There are multiple cases where people understand some criminals should receive the death penalty and others who assert they can escape with a very few amount of years. Some may argue an eye for an eye should be the policy because the death penalty helps rid of criminals and deters crime, resulting in terminated murderers who cannot commit crimes again. Others will argue society is much further developed than to use that policy and the expense of the death penalty will result in the taking of taxpayers money, thus increasing governmental cost. The benefits which come along with the death penalty are just not worthy because life in prison without parole is less costly and even the guilty should have the right to live and acknowledge their mistakes. The history of the
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