The Death Penalty Should Be Used For An Advantage Against Criminals

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The death penalty Should be used for an advantage against criminals. Using this means of discipline can severely limit crime sprees. If there is a consequence harsh enough to merit rethinking a law breaking decision, that discipline should be implemented. There are people who are against the death penalty and would argue that the states that have the lowest murder rate have banned capital punishment, but on the other hand if someone went on a murder spree and the kill count racked up into the double digits or even the triple digits the criminal needs to be made an example of. If there is no example of what could happen to those who get out of control, how can we reign in those people?
The death penalty has been around for centuries. The first death penalty law dates back all the way to the eighteenth century under king Hammurabi of Babylon’s rule. The death penalty was the main solution to any crime during the 5th, 7th, 10th, 14th, and 18th century. Under Roman law executions were carried out by means of crucifixion, drowning, burning people alive,
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