The Death Penalty Should Be Used For Every State

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The death penalty is an extremely controversial topic. The death penalty should be in use for every state. Ever since America became a nation, Americans have argued about it. There are many people who agree and disagree over the use of it. The government is deemed to punish criminals, but the main question is to what extent. Capital punishment, such as the death penalty, should be used as a deterrent for crime. The death penalty is mostly institutionalized in the Southern and Midwestern states; Texas has instituted it the most. While there are many ways for one to find oneself on death row, homicide is the most common of these. Treason and kidnapping are also prevalent examples of crimes that could land one on death row. The punishment for a criminal depends upon the complexity, and seriousness of the crime. If one were to commit a crime of that extremity, one should have a penalty that is equivalent to ones crime. “In ancient history, criminals were brought to an arena to be killed in public games.” Also, being nailed to a cross, beheading and hanging were other penalties for the serious crimes committed. These are all different ways of carrying out the death penalty, but they are ‘out-dated’. One never sees the death penalty used the way they were in ancient times anymore. “Executions were once public events of high drama.” In the colonial times executions were considered to be celebrations for the community by uniting the good people against the face of evil. Hangings
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