The Death Penalty Should Not Be Considered Unethical Or Inhumane

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Capital Punishment such as the death penalty should not be considered unethical or inhumane. The death penalty may be difficult to understand, but based on recent studies, it is nearly proven that the death penalty will save money along with many other benefits. By using the death penalty it will eliminate same person crimes, will cause fear, will save money, and will open a jail cell. Also, fewer criminals will provide more food, shelter and drinks for crimes that aren’t as bad. By using the death penalty it would benefit not only the jails, but the community by knowing that that person has no chance of escape or committing the same crime. It would save tax money, which would be used to shelter, feed and take care of this person. The death penalty should be an essential for America due to the many benefits. This extra money could be used for a good cause such as towards the homeless and starving. Although some may think that the death penalty is far too expensive and a waste of money, it is shown that through the years of being in jail/prison it actually adds up and is more expensive than a death penalty execution. What is the point in putting a criminal in jail/prison when taxpayers are paying their tax money to feed and support them, if they are going to live in a jail, the death penalty should be allowed to take care of them. If their crime is that terrible then why should people pay for them to live? Why should hard working people use their money to pay for them and
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