The Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal

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Madison Hobley was sentenced to death based on a coerced confession. He was wrongly accused of starting a fire, which killed his wife and child and some others (Six). He was tortured by the police, they hand cuffed him to a wall ring and beat him, then he was taken downtown, where he was handcuffed to a chair and kicked by Sgt. Patrick Garrity (Six). Then they suffocated him with a typewriter cover until he blacked out (Six). Hobley never confessed and nor was he evidence proven that he did it was valid (Six). In 2002 there was hearing that discovered evidence that the jury was intimidated and that the gas canister they said he bought was actually put at the crime scene and had no signs of being burned (Six). Mobley was on death row…show more content…
7,482 death sentences have been handed to from 1973 to 2004 (Mclaughlin). Out of that number 1.6% have been cleared, which is 116 (McLaughlin). Imagine how many more people can be cleared if we do more research to crack down on if these people are innocent or not. Here’s a case where a person was wrongly executed. Ruben Cantu was 17 during the crime, he was convicted of capital murder (8). In 1993 he was executed (8). Approximately 12 years after his death, evidence showed that he might have actually been innocent (8). The eyewitness recanted his testimony and the real person who did it confessed and said Cantu wasn’t even there the night of the murder (8). The pain this family went through had to be awful, knowing their son was actually innocent and having to deal with the fact that they can never bring him has to affect them mentally, emotionally and physically. Death penalty being banned will prevent innocent people from being executed. Money can be saved if we ban the death penalty. Studies shown from the Oregonian in 1995 there was a trial for three Washington County murder cases which costed more than 1.5 million dollars (The). A report in 2000 from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services showed that they would have saved $2.3 million annually if the death penalty was eliminated (The). It was estimated that the total prosecution and defense costs to the state and counties equal $9 million per year (The). This is one source that shows how we

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