The Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal

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“Nebraska on Wednesday became the first conservative state to abolish death

penalty” (Bosman). In thirty-one states, federal government and military legal system, the

death penalty is lawful. Even the Supreme Court has been changed direction of capital

punishment. One day, it could be a legal and illegal by the Supreme Court. Most of European

countries ban the death penalty except Belarus that if a criminal involve international

terrorism, murdered, inhumane crime and the criminal receives death penalty. Nowadays,

banned the death penalty become a trend all over the world. Some countries such as South

Korea, Burma, Tunisia and etc… have execution but it actually have not performed for long

time (Fisher). Many way of death penalty exist such as lethal injection, electrocution, gas

chamber, hanging, and firing squad. It has been the endless battle between death penalty

supporters and opponents in U.S. Each group has reasonable opinions to reinforce

themselves. For examples, supporters’ main reasons are for justices by giving a death

sentence. Otherwise, opponent’s main reason is for human rights that the death penalty takes

human rights that are 8th and 14th amendment away. From the death penalty, many innocent

people were executed, it violate to our bills of right, and takes lots of tax away. So, execution

should be cessation.

After performed the death sentence, it was not guilty and found out it is innocent.

Lots of innocent people have

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