The Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal

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There are quite a few problems within the criminal justice system of the United States. One of these so called problems with our system of justice is the death penalty. Capital punishment in this country seems to have its pros and cons. There are more issues and complications with being sentenced to death, while the positives are minuscule. The death penalty should not be allowed in the United States, and there are many reasons for this argument. The death penalty has caused controversy in the country since it became popular. 31 states use the death penalty and is also used by the military. Its use is to help stop people from committing crime again, through specific deterrence. Making an example out of one to stop the general public from committing the worst of the worst crimes. There are 4 philosophies of punishment which many argue if the death penalty fulfills those philosophies or not. Here is once again another major problem. Does the death penalty truly fulfill all 4 philosophies? The 4 philosophies of punishment are retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and incapacitation. Retribution is the thought of purposely hurting a person for his or her actions against the law. The death penalty does just that, ending ones life by making them pay for the crimes they committed. Deterrence is the thought of scaring others away from committing crimes, specifically, in this case, crimes that can result in pursuit by the prosecution of the death penalty. This is a major
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