The Death Penalty Should Remain Illegal

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Since 2000, there have been over 200 exonerations from death row. More than half of these exonerations are because of DNA evidence that is found which proves a defendant innocent. The reason for these exonerations is that people make mistakes, there is no way to be fully positive of somebody else’s guilt. In some cases, evidence found against a defendant could just come down to bad timing. People may agree or disagree with capital punishment because it can become a very controversial topic. The main argument against the death penalty is that it is no longer morally correct and goes against certain beliefs. The death penalty should remain illegal in Canada because it costs more for taxpayers than life without the possibility of parole, it…show more content…
The death penalty isn’t anywhere on my list” ("New Voices” par. 5). Abbott, who oversees an entire police department says that with $250 million, he can reduce crime without the use of the death penalty. Not even the people arresting and charging criminals, support using millions of dollars to have them executed. This money is coming from their family’s income and could be used to benefit their loved ones directly. Essentially, life without parole costs way less than execution and, a person will eventually die for free in prison. Next, capital cases cause taxpayers to pay approximately $90,000 more per death row prisoner as opposed to prisoners in regular confinement. By putting people on life without parole, taxpayers save millions in taxes and eliminate the possibility of an irreversible mistake.

The millions of dollars in savings could be spent on things such as: education, roads, police officers and public safety programs, after school programs, drug and alcohol treatment, child abuse prevention programs, mental health services and services for crime victims and their families. (“High” par. 2)

The money taxpayers are paying does not come out of their budget, taxpayers money is going towards the long process of executing a person. This money can be used in a much more sensible way. Taxpayers pay so much more in taxes when it comes to capital cases while life without parole would be the preferred sentence which could
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