Essay about The Death Penalty: What if They're Innocent?

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The death penalty has been around for several around for several years but consists of flaws. The death penalty is costly, it does not deter crime, it has not ended wrongful executions, it goes against almost every religion, abuses human rights, has been persuaded by the types of jury, and can be affected by terrible lawyers.
The first death penalty in the United States occurred in the early 1600’s. The colonies used public hangings as a deterrent for children and adults. A public sermon would be given at these public displays. The sermon was for the presumed guilty to find God before dying in hopes they receive absolution. During the Medieval times, Europeans burned people at the stake for practicing witchcraft. The colonies chose hanging of accused witches and never a burning. Later, President Lincoln attempted to change the rules of who could be punished by death. He desired to limit it to those who were accused of murder or treason. The proposal was defeated and this is the beginning history of the death penalty in the United States.
It has been discussed among professionals the increased likelihood of Black people receiving corporal punishment compared to Caucasians. There has also been research that supports such discussions. Even with these findings people argue that only the most violent criminals receive a sentence of corporal punishment. Females are likely to be sentenced to death than males. Society views women less likely to be a cold hearted…

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