The Death Penalty and Juveniles

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The Death Penalty and Juveniles
The Death Penalty and Juveniles In the United States, the death penalty is an issue because of its controversies. Some people see it as a punishment. Some people say “an eye for an eye,” and believe this is the way to stop youth offenders from following the path of crimes such as murders. This does not only pertain to the youth but also to the adults. Others believe the death penalty to be cruel and unusual punishment even for the adults. In the law, juveniles are no different when considering the death penalty. These people believe a juvenile should be sentenced to death for murder. Then there are those who believe juveniles should not be sentenced to death.
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This will give proof rehabilitation could work or no longer works on prisoners regardless of race, religion, background and poverty level. The system itself should be classified as failures.
All inmates treated the same and when evaluations come up all areas in an inmate’s time in prison should be examined. Social therapy, exercise, basically all aspects would need to be controlled to have uniformity and equal opportunity. To make sure all prisoners have the chance to rehabilitate and make a possible future if the death penalty were to not be an issue. The death penalty will be at the forefront of all issues with the young criminals until someone sees how he or she do with the rehabilitation and make it known there is hope for our youth. There would be variable differences from model inmates to the mad dog killer type of criminals and all personalities in the middle. The types of personalities are different before entering the criminal justice system. There is no way to control the effect if all subjects are treated equal then the effects would be minimal. If all inmates have the same effects then the system may be flawed. Inmates are different no matter what crime they have committed they have to be treated for each individual case. If all are treated the same you will not know how to protect or how they are going to actually act to

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