The Death Penalty and the Innocent Essay

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In the United States, many crimes are considered to be punishable by a life sentence or a sentence of a few years. However, many crimes have earned people capital punishment, also known as the death penalty. The first known death penalty was acknowledge by a legal document known as the Code of Hummarubi. In this document, written in the 1700s, it is mentioned that twenty-five crimes were punished by death. The crimes included being unfaithful to one's partner and even helping slaves escape (Guernsey, 2009). By 1846, the state of Michigan became one of the first US states to abolish the death penalty for all committed crimes. Michigan now replaces the death penalty with life imprisonment (Bohm, 2007). However, then the inventor Thomas…show more content…
To end the life, the inmate is injected with sodium thiopental, which puts the criminal to sleep. The next flow is the pancuronium bromide, which paralyzes the victim’s entire muscle system, which stops the heart from beating. In the end, the flow of potassium chloride stops the heart. Since 1976, 1,198 executions have been made by lethal injection, and 34 states authorize this method (Death Penalty Information, 2014).
Electrocution was first practiced in New York City by the use of an electric chair. The person is strapped to a chair with belts across his chest, legs, and arms and a metal skullcap-shaped is then attached to the forehead. It will run between 500 and 2000 volts, which can take about 30 seconds for the inmate to lose his life (Death Penalty Information, 2014). Another use of execution was the use of the gas chamber during the 1920s. Gee Jon was the first prisoner on which the gas chamber was used. The officers of the prison, in Nevada, pumped gas into his cell while he was sleeping. Firing Squad is a method of execution that is mainly practiced in the state of Utah. This was done by having the prisoner stand 20 feet away from the guards, and the five of the guards would aim with .30 caliber rifles and shoot at the prisoner's heart. The prisoner would then die as a result of blood loss. The last practice of execution that was done until the 1890s was hanging. This was a primary form of execution used in the United States. “If the
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