The Death Penalty in Decline Essay

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The Death Penalty in Decline
The United States adopted the capital punishment from England for more than three centuries ago. Not only had the punishment been adopted but also the methods of execution. Throughout centuries, the people of the United States became more aware of how the criminal justice system functions and varies from one state to another. Some states used to execute people who commit minor offenses, such as stealing fruits. Maybe people would disagree with me, but I believe that the death penalty helped in preventing criminals from committing certain capital crimes. Even though the U.S. Supreme Court abolished the death penalty for mentally handicapped and juvenile, the amount of executions seems hard to be stabilized. Also, the role of religion toward capital punishment seems declining.
Does a murderer consider the possibility of a death penalty before committing a crime? Maybe the answer would be based on the reason that motivates the murderer to violate the law. However, there was only few studies regarding the criminology and its factors. However today, more educated people are influencing the structure of capital punishment by more detailed research. Regardless, Gaines and Millers argues some of the 2000s reports which claim that "each execution deters between three and eighteen future homicides" (274). The death penalty's ideology has changed over the years and especially after the 1930s. Maybe because the department of justice did not start counting…

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