The Death Penalty is Necessary in Modern Society Essay

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Each year in America, senseless acts of violence are being committed. In most cases more recently in our past, criminals have been convicted of their crimes and been arrested for those crimes. That is not where their journey ends. In all cases the criminals stand before a judge and a jury to determine the crime committed, and then comes sentencing. If a murder has taken place, and there is evidence that a more heinous crime has occurred, the convicted person will most likely incur the death penalty. In our modern society it has become necessary to deal out death and judgment to ensure the safety of many. The line is drawn in the sand but in some cases we step over that line to look at each case with strict detail. Even with modern …show more content…
The chance of a person being wrongly accused now with the advanced technology provided to our justice departments is near impossible. The price of the death penalty is expensive when it comes to talking about money. Saving a life by executing another is well worth the price of the investment. It is the responsibility of lawmakers and public officials to ensure the rights of all public citizens are being provided. As free Americans, the right of protection by the government is given to all. The price of one’s freedom has always come at the cost of another’s life. A potential victim of rape or murder is saved when an offender is permanently taken and charges fairly for the crimes they have committed. The life of one can save more. When an offender happens to be a minor, the rights afforded to him should be equal and consistent with the law. If that person were to be of sound mind, and understand what they did was not legal, then a punishment should be imposed for the harm they have inflicted on the victim. The conviction of a minor in a murder case is rare. When a case does emerge it is with great publicity and attention. In 2005 a federal law passed stated that a minor child could not receive the death penalty for punishment for a criminal offense. The choice of lawmakers to make a stand for this class of citizens is not surprising considering the legal rights of the minority are limited until the age of 21. However, justifying the killing of a person due to the age
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