The Death Penalty through the Lenses of Communication and Religion

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In this argumentative essay I’m going to analyze the topic of death penalty through the lenses of Communication and Religion disciplines which I’m studying right now and argue that death penalty needs to be abolished. I’m going to use to support my view religious and non-religious arguments, such as belief in God and psychological aspects of this hard and controversial question as well as discuss how race, class and other factors are influencing on the person’s perception of the death penalty. Death is unavoidable in life, and there's no escape. People are dying in different ways every day and every second... The fear of death could be overcome by good moral dignity, maybe this is one of the most difficult tasks of our lives - to say "goodbye". Life itself in all its diversity is limited to a natural death, but it’s another thing - " when the government kills". Many countries still have the death penalty. No doubt that the government of each country is trying to provide a peaceful life and security of its citizens, and in some cases has only the right to control their lives in a certain situations. But can it be lawful to call the death penalty murder, murder by a court? Initially, people recognize the need for it, and even moral justification. Over time, and the opposite judgment. Negative attitude towards the death penalty, informed primarily aesthetic arguments, began to gain momentum. Hitting the death penalty is, in fact, a blow to the state, in his omnipotence,
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