The Death Trap (My Sci-Fi Story)

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Zi Zhu February 27, 2013 Hairy shifted his bed and woke up, hearing the earsplitting, non-stop ringing sound coming from the hallway. He squinted. A glow of radiant blue light beat down on his eyes, coming through the ajar window, like an alien spaceship hovering above them, pointing the light to search for it's prime victim. It gradually faded and the darkness ascended once again, but the ringing has not stopped. He heard his chum Thomas still snoring. He called out out to Thomas, and he immediately woke up, still sleepy. “Do you hear it?” Hairy asked, his voice shaky “Yes, of course,” Thomas retorted. What in the world is happening? It's hurting my ears!” “I know,” Hairy echoed. “Let's go outside to see what the devil is making…show more content…
Hairy back off and tripped on a rock. He quickly grabbed the rock, stood up, and tossed it at one of them. The vicious flesh eater sent out a hideously loud groan, like an vituperative person yelling to fight with them. They slowly cornered them, their disturbing bloody face almost touching Hairy ans Thomas. “Let's get out of here.” Hairy sprinted and pushed one of them, knocking one of them back. Hairy and Thomas started running. The crazed shrill of their chasers broke even louder from behind. He sprinted. Hairy sharply turned left. Then right. Then left. Screams and groans slowly faded, but he couldn't stop to rest now. Hairy tripped over a hole in the ground and fell forward on his nose. He quickly got to his feet, back to full speed. Persevere filled him. He could not let those disturbing monsters come gnash them and rip them into sherds. After another turn, he stopped completely at a dead end, resting on the wall and catching his breath. There is a another way out, Hairy thought. But he was missing something. Thomas was not following him. Thomas was lost, or even been ripped to sherds. That thought scared him. The flesh eater were closer now. Hairy turned to face the wall. He saw a perfectly small cut square hole, a narrow tunnel that lead to somewhere. The ceiling was about three feet off the ground. He went down on his knees, and crawled

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