The Death With Dignity Act

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The Death with Dignity Act allows terminally ill patients to seek to end their lives by requesting lethal doses of medication. The patients are required to be a resident of the three states, which have made thing legal. Do patients favor having the right to live or die when suffering from incurable cancer or painful illness? Is Death with Dignity considered suicide? There are many opinions on the act; some people consider Death with Dignity to be murder or suicide while some consider it the end of suffering, and death with dignity. I consider it the end of suffering. With the scope of the Death with Dignity Act, I believe that patients who are terminally ill should be able to take a pill to end their suffering. Patients can end their…show more content…
I support Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act because it will allow the patient’s family to observe a peaceful, loving, and calm death with their last moments with their loved one. My mother had to watch my uncle suffer from his illness. It wasn’t comfortable for her because she had to watch him suffer and not being able to move by himself. He had lung cancer and he had the hardest time breathing. He never got the choice to request a lethal dose of medication unlike the patients in Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. Their family members don’t have to go through what my mother went through watching my uncle suffer. If he had a choice, I believe he would have taken the route to end his life with a pill. His death was not peaceful, loving, and calm at all from what my mom explained and that is how a death should be. Patients, who are in the three states that enacted Death with Dignity, do not have to suffer from their illness anymore. Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth Dali Lama; he is the spiritual and temporal leader of the Tibetan people (Tenzin). He supported euthanasia when it came to patients who were in a coma. Gyatso would say, “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can 't help them, at least don 't hurt them” (Gyatso). If the law weren’t passed, patients would be dealing with unbearable pain. We are only hurting them by not allowing them to pass away when their
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