The Death of Charlie Howard in Rose for Charlie

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When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” (http:// Buddha used this phrase to teach that what you think and what you hear

becomes what you believe and what you turn into. For Charlie Howard, a 23 year old

homosexual, this phrase was the reason of his death. He was murdered by “homophobes” or

people who have a strange and irrational hatred towards homosexuals. The idea of peace and

justice was never really set in stone for our society. Ronnie Harris, a three year old who was

beaten by his Father, in fear that he would turn out to be gay. Gary Matson and Winfield

Mowder, a gay couple murdered in California by white supremacists. These murders tell the

story of a society haunted by the fear of equality. Some people would love to watch the world

burn, and some long to see it grow. Charlie Howard was caught in crossfire; he was human and

suffered a life taking consequence because he was gay.

Charlie Howard was born in Bangor, Maine on January 31, 1961.

Charlie had a great sense of humor and a loving and accepting personality. Charlie had a

learning disability and severe asthma, only adding onto the list of reasons that he was bullied.

Almost every single day Charlie would come home with bruises and scars. One would find him

running home crying, and if he was not crying he was wondering why he had to undergo this

suffering every…

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