The Death of Equal Opportunity in Michigan

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The Death of Equal Opportunity in Michigan?
An Analysis of Michigan’s Proposal 2


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For the purposes of the following discussion, the term “race” will be assumed to include both race and ethnicity.

Although racial groups consist of individuals, those individuals belonging to a particular race often share similar background, family, and historical experiences in addition to life situations and circumstances. It is this background, life experience, and resultant world-view which truly binds together racial groups, rather than simply the color of their skin.

Due to the complexity related to both individual and group racial identity, the subject is inherently interesting. Even more complex is the subject of race relations, which are the interaction and relationships between different racial groups. This interaction can be examined from infinite angles and on many levels. For instance, on an economic level, do members of different races have equal access to jobs? Do members of different races control a vastly different percentage of the country’s wealth? On a political level, do different races exert greater control over the political process? Does this control result in legislative and/or legal bias? Is this bias racism?

The issue of affirmative action incorporates all of these questions and more, so it is not surprising that it generates controversy. This was the case when, in November 2006, the voters of Michigan approved ballot initiative Proposal 2; an

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