Essay on The Death of Icarus

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Icarus plummeted into the cold dark water filling his lungs with the salty water, he sank to the bottom of the endless chasm and starved for air, for one last breath. He succumbed to the darkness it filled his mind and body, his life slipped away, he was dead. Daedalus landed near the island of Kythira analyzing the assault on his senses he noticed the island had a very faint sweet smell barely discernible in the company of the overbearing sea, this island was so pleasant starkly contrasting the death of his son. He knew there was a way to save Icarus; his body was lost but his soul would be saved, Icarus would be entering Hades’ realm presently, awaiting unspeakable tortures that he couldn’t even imagine. Daedalus could enter the…show more content…
Taking his crippled wings and bending them to the correct shapes he made the sail and rudder, finally he took his clothes and ripped of small pieces to fill with sand and tie to the ship for his descent.
His ship was complete but he still had no way of reaching the bottom of the ocean without suffocating. His thoughts were continuous dead ends and the sticky residue from the trees was beginning to harden and immobilize his fingers so he placed them in the lukewarm waters of the mediterranean and slowly the sugary glass began to dissolve. the sugar dissolved so slowly he knew it was his only option so he broke more of the plants and harvested the syrup with a head sized rock he then smoothed it on the top and edges of the rock and made the top of his new helmet, he then flipped the rock over and made another bowl-shaped glass with an opening for his head, fitting the two hardening pieces together he slathered on more of the syrup to seal the sphere. Pushing his craft into the water he opened up the wings, and sailed to Crete, unaware of his impending demise. Daedalus moved quickly to the sea north of Crete so he wouldn’t be seen by any ships that could be in the area, he then slowed the ship above the entrance to the underworld and took disassembled the sail. Daedalus took the feathers out of the tacky wax cover wood and put them into a pouch in his tattered crimson robe,
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