The Death of Julius Caesar, a Great Leader

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Not only did he lead a very strong army, but his people also loved him. The debate is always should he have been killed or should he have lived and lead us to more victories.
The first document that was used in the debate is a primary source. It’s called De Vita Caesarum, Divus Iulius. The document is a biography of Julius Caesar and his life. Suetonius wrote the biography. Suetonius was a roman historian who wrote about the Roman Empire. It was written in 110 CE. It was written to show the side of the senators, and how they felt about having emperors. It is trustworthy because Suetonius used eyewitnesses and other evidence from books to provide a lot of information about Caesar. The only thing that I think is missing is the side of Caesar because he wrote it from the perspective of the senators’ view. Which puts Caesar in a bad light because the senators did not like Caesar. Considering that the article was written based off of the senators, it put Caesar in a bad light. Meaning that this author did not want Caesar to live. Another document that was used was a secondary source. It was an article written in the Britannica Student Encyclopedia. It was written for the public to read and understand Julius Caesar. It was used to give a brief overview of Julius Caesar’s life. It talked about him as a person, the civil war that he was involved with, the march he lead, as well as his reputation. The article is moderately trustworthy…
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