The Death of Socrates

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The Death of Socrates

“The Death of Socrates” was painted by a French painter . His name was Jacques Louis David. The painting represents the scene of the death of Greek philosopher Socrates. He was condemned to die by drinking hemlock for the expression of his ideas against those of Athens' and corrupting the minds of the youth. The painting also depicts both Plato and Crito, with the former sitting at the edge of the bed and the latter clutching the knee of Socrates. Socrates had the choice to go into exile and , hence, give up his philosophic vocation or be sentenced to death by drinking hemlock. Socrates chose death. In this painting, someone hands a confident Socrates the goblet of hemlock. Socrates' hand pointing to the
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It reminds me of Peru’s President’s choice of starvation to make him be able to run for office unlimited times. Although, I suspect the Greek authorities at that time too. They may have made Socrates do that to save their own reputation. Having said that, words are , sometimes, powerless against conservatives. People were very conservative those times meaning they could not , psychologically, accept new ideas. It is likely that they felt like they are betraying their ancestors. So Socrates’ not being able to convince his ideas may have let him to a suicide too. There are a lot questions about Socrates and this painting certainly makes you think what Socrates would want you to think about it. That explains why this painting is controversial to this

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