The Death of Tommy Grimes

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Analyse af The death of Tommy Grimes

We all have to go through it. We all learn from it, and it will always be in our memory. Growing up. Some just want to pass it and move on, where others try to stay in the phase as long as possible. Some people grows up when they leave home, some kids by becoming 18 and others a third or fourth reason.
The short story The Death of Tommy Grimes is about the main character Tommy Grimes and him becoming a man. The Story is written by R.J. Meaddough in 1962. The most important person we here about otherwise is Tommy’s father Tom Grimes also called Pa. The title first let us believe that Tommy is going to die, literally. And when you read the first pages, it is about hunting what makes it more likely
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We can see that in this sentence at line 13 page 39 Pa says: “Why didn’t you shoot? What are you waiting on? What’s wrong with you boy?”
We can see that he does not understand why his boy cannot shoot a silly weasel. And he gets mad at Tommy.
In the environment where they live, it is a big deal that you can hunt. In line 6 page 41 we are told that Pa goes to the Hut, and in line 26 page 40 Tommy thinks: “And how it must be for Pa when the other men bragged about their boys…”
Tommy feels he is letting his father down, and wants to make him proud. The hunting is a big thing in his life, because when you hunt and hit a buck you are allowed to go the Hut and drink liquor.
You can say that there is some kind of manhood inside the Hut.
The father teaches tommy how to hunt, track animals and be a part of Mother Nature. And Tommy really tries his hardest! We can see that in this scene at line 7 page 40: “and sometimes when he turned real quick, he would see a pride in Pa’s eyes” Out of this reaction we can see how much pride means for Tommy. He wants his father to brag about him to the other men in the Hut. Therefor Tommy practises a lot.
Based on what we know, the father is very expectantly and wants Tommy to learn how to hunt. He wants his son to be good, and brag about him to the other men.
He is not a positive father and he does not satisfy with Tommy not being able to shooting a little weasel.
The father gives us a
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