The Death of a Friend Essay

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The most prominent event that comes to mind is an event that everyone has had at least once in his or her lives. This event changed my life in many ways. It has shaped me, changed me, and caused me to have more respect for not just my life, but also the lives of my friends, family and the people I love and care for.

This event happened in the middle of my freshman year at high school. I was young and innocent and had no idea that my outlook on life would change that day. It was a Tuesday and the morning classes had gone on as they would everyday. I was in the band and I knew every body there and they all liked me and respected me

I heard the news of my friend’s death while a bunch of other friends and I where
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The first reason was because I had never experienced death before; this was the first time I had ever been told that someone that I knew and cared for had died. The second reason is because that I had also known Manuel since the seventh grade because we both played violin and we were both in orchestra together. When we arrived at the band room it broke my heart when I saw that other people were going through the same thing that I was. We all kind of stood around for a while waiting for the details of the car crash, holding each other and trying to comfort one another. At this point I was so shaken up that all I wanted to do was go home.

Finally our band director came in and proceeded to explain to us the details of his death. I found out that he was in a car with a lot of his family members and that he was ridding without a seatbelt, so when they were hit by the other car, he and a little baby that was also in the car had been thrown from the vehicle. But that wasn't’t even the worst part, it turns out to make matters worse is the fact that it was his birthday. I’m not sure but I think as I remember it that was the reason that the car was filled with so many family members. I was in total shock I knew Manuel, and I knew that he was never the type of person who would ride in a car without a seat belt. So to this very day before the car even is turned on I put on my seat belt,

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