The Death of a Soldier

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The Death of a Soldier Out of the corner of my eye I saw a large camp. Men and women suffering at the hands of these Nazi criminals. We closed in on the camp rifles raised, sweat pouring down our head. We got to the last woodline before the camp when we stopped. “Abraham you circle around the back,” I whispered “ Zelda you go around to the right.” “Who put you in charge,” said Zelda angeraly “I was put in charge when this became personal,” I said grabbing Zelda and hitting him off a near by three. I moved in on the front gate and crouched. I waited for the two men to come into sight then jumped up shot the man on the right in the chest, turned and shot the man on the left in the head. I took two steps forward and jumped over the fence.…show more content…
On the second floor there were three rooms a armory, a office, and a sleeping quarters. I entered the sleeping quarters. Three sleeping vultures waiting for roadkill to please their appetite. The men sat up, and I made them line up side by side. I shot the first man in the head, the bullet passed through him and killed the other two men. The room a splatter painting of blood. Abraham killed all the men outside of the base making his way toward the prisoners. Abraham freed all of the Jewish prisoners, but Abraham did not see his mother. From across the camp came a woman's blood curdling scream. Abraham told the Jews to sit as he ran like a cheetah across the camp. A man was holding Abraham’s mother forcing her to her knees. The man pulled up his luger and amid it as her head. Abraham sprinted and tackled the German man. Raising his hands the German man threw a punch at Abraham. Abraham caught the punch and slammed his elbow into shoulder breaking it. Screams filled the air, the man clutched his shoulder in his left hand. Abraham began to punch him in the face relentless blows splattering blood by his head. Abraham grabbed the man's throat and made him look him in the eyes as he slowly faded away and died. “Mom are you alright,” Abraham asked standing up with blood on his hands. “Abraham what are you doing here,” yelled Abrahams mother. “When they took you, Peter and I enrolled in the military,” Abraham explained pain spilling out of his voice. “Follow me,” Ordered
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