The Deaths Of Tetralogy Of Fallot

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The heart cannot help but break for the suffering of children who are marked by the cruelty of congenital diseases. One such disease is tetralogy of tallot which as a congenital ailment occurs at birth and involves four different kinds of cardial defects (Mayo Clinic, 2015). The incidents of tetralogy of fallot is actually quite rare with only five out of every 10,000 developing it at birth (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 2011). It is still important to be familiar with. One reason for the need of understanding the disease is that of all congenital heart disorders it is the one most frequently seen, and the mortality rate is another consideration as 50% will not survive past the age of six should tetralogy of fallot be left untreated (Bhimji & Mancini, 2015). Finally, while vast improvements have been made in intervention of the disease improving survivability the condition will have an effect upon a patients throughout their lifetimes. It is because of these that it is important for early recognition, diagnosis, treatment and care of the disease be enacted to ensure not only a positive health outcome but also a good quality of life. A hallmark of tetralogy of fallot is the deficiency of oxygenated blood being pumped to the heart from the lungs and from the heart into the aorta to the rest of the body. To better understand how this abnormality can have a negative effect on patients it helps to visualize how the heart normally functions. First, the superior and
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