The Debate Around Welfare And Welfare State

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The Debate around Welfare and Welfare State Greve (2008) discusses welfare as being derived from well fare, which has been historically related to happiness and prosperity. Deacon (2002) believes that it can include acts of altruism, and channels for the pursuit of self-interest, exercise of authority, transition to work, and moral regeneration. Welfare generally is believed to be the state of well-being of a person (Dolgoff This brings us to the concept of the welfare state, which according to Kwon (2014) is understood as a set of public policies, standards, and institutions which all aim to provide social protection to its citizens in order to achieve a state of wellness. There have been several discussions related to welfare state, wherein debates have sprung all over the United Kingdom questioning whose welfare really the different policies promote, even highlighting that it is more of a political exercise of those who are interested in power rather than satisfying and meeting the welfare of the people themselves (Hudson, 2013). Women, Infants, and Children: The WIC Program The answer to Hudson’s question is that the programs offered for the Welfare State addresses different welfares. There are different programs addressing the welfare state of different groups of people. Some address the welfare of the indigenous people such as the Indigenous Peoples Partnership Program while others address the needs of women. One particular program, which would be the central
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