The Debate Between Nature Vs Nurture

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What determines who you are or what you will become? The debate between nature versus nurture is trying to figure this out. According to “Essentials of Psychology”, Jeffrey S. Nevid (2012) Nature versus nurture is the debate about how genetics and nature determine our behavior. In other words, have your attitude, behavior and health problems developed because of how you were raised or who you came from. It is a debate that has stumped psychologists for centuries. The study of twins, both identical and fraternal, have made it easier for psychologists to figure out this debate. So what is the answer to this age old debate; Nature or Nurture? Scientists have come to a conclusion that it is not so much Nature or Nurture, but Nature and Nurture. It is believed that both genetics and your environment and culture play a major role in your behavior. (Nevid 2012) The article “What we learn from twins: The mirror of your soul.” (1998) says that scientist now can’t deny the role of genetics in our behavior. They can only figure out just how big of a role it plays. There are three different studies done to determine the influence of nature and nurture. These studies include familial association and adoptee studies, but we will focus mainly on twin studies. Twin studies compare the percentage of shared traits or disorders in fraternal and identical twins. The percentage of shared traits or disorders is called the concordance rates. If identical twins have a stronger condolence rate than

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